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Our goal is to improve the dialogue on how to achieve a low-carbon society. A dialogue between research and civil society communities. We aim to contribute to a joint vision towards a low-carbon society in Europe. We are research organisations and NGOs in the field of energy. We are a consortium of 15 partners in 10 European countries. We are R&Dialogue. This is what we have done.

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European Low-Carbon Vision and Action Plan

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How do we bring different groups together in constructive dialogue on our low-carbon future? The R&Dialogue project consortium believes that the objectives of the European Commission’s 2050 Roadmap would be much easier to achieve if citizens, civil society and scientists not only share the overall ambition of emissions reduction, but also agree with, and contribute to, the possible solutions. When citizens feel part of the processes that give us low-carbon policies and solutions, we will be closer to achieving a low carbon society. This is why we believe we need to co-create a vision of a low-carbon society.


European Dialogue Report


Key R&Dialogue deliverable

The R&Dialogue project ended in 2015. In 3,5 years, we facilitated in ten countries a low-carbon dialogue with representatives from energy, the low-carbon R&D community, social actors and others. In each country, a ‘coalition of the willing’ explored the challenges of dialogue and articulated its view on improving the dialogue. The European Dialogue Reports is a collection of experiences in dialogue and a reflection on the themes emerging from those dialogues.


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