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Energy production based on coal, oil and gas has a profound impact on the world’s climate. We need to create a more sustainable future by reducing our energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable energies and by capturing and storing CO2. Awareness of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions is rising but the transition towards a low carbon society is slow and complex. The much needed fundamental change requires extensive research and involves many civil society stakeholders, each with vested interests that are often not aligned.

A dialogue between research and civil society, including industry, NGOs and public authorities, is essential to move towards sustainable low-carbon energy production. This dialogue is needed for shared and sustainable solutions, which could thus significantly accelerate the transition. It helps to understand viewpoints and interests for the actual implementation of low-carbon energy technologies, reduction of energy consumption and higher energy efficiency.

The R&Dialogue project initiated this dialogue in an inclusive, democratic and transparent way: all stakeholders from civil society and research were welcome to join. The R&Dialogue project ended in November 2015, although the dialogue continues in the R&Dialogue countries and at the project partners.

Together we focused on the main energy challenges at European, national and regional level in 10 participating countries. We addressed social, technological, ecological and economic aspects and learned from each other. Our focus on the social aspects of the transition process is what makes R&Dialogue a unique and crucial effort.

R&Dialogue aimed to develop both national action plans and a European vision. We identifed valuable lessons regarding the dialogue from all over Europe, brought them to Brussels and improved effectiveness and speed of research efforts. The lessons can be diverse, open and multiple. What matters is that they work. In R&Dialogue we believe that economic growth and a low-carbon society can go hand in hand.

It is up to us all to work together to improve the common European dialogue towards a low-carbon society.

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